Online Resources for Swing, Tango, West Coast Swing and Ballroom Shoes for Men & Women

What you where on you feet when dancing is VERY important!  Each style of dance requires specific types of movements and our shoes help us to create and embellish the lines we are painstakingly trying to perfect.  And shoes, like our clothes, are an outlet for self-expression; Plus, they’re just plain pretty!

Whether you’re a beginner or a champion competition dancer, you need a good pair of comfortable practice shoes; and for those looking to dress-up, perform or compete, you need those perfect shoes to match and function.  Before you go purchase a pair of shoes, I have a few tips for you…

  • Comfort Matters – We have all been tempted to purchase a pair of shoes that look gorgeous on the shelf but feel like a medieval torture devices on our feet, but please don’t feel obligated to look good at the expense of pain.  You will wear most of your dancing shoes for at least 2 to 3 hours in a night.  If you go dancing often, the hours and miles on your feet add up, so PLEASE, buy shoes that will make your feet happy.  Believe me, your feet, knees and back will thank you later!
  • Read Return/Exchange Policies Carefully – I cannot stress this enough when purchasing anything off the internet.  Some retailers stipulate what surfaces you can or cannot walk/spin/dance on before exchanging for a different pair.
  • Find a Good Cobbler – Now that you’ve invested in a good pair of shoes, I find it’s always helpful to know a GOOD local cobbler for repairs and modifications.  Cobblers can add suede soles to a pair of sneakers, replace a shredded leather upper, fix cracked heel stitching, re-sole loafers or generally extend the life of your shoes.  Find someone you can trust and make friends!

*Most of the sites below have MENS & WOMENS dance shoes, however, you may find direct links to the MENS Shoes at the bottom.  And don’t be afraid to check out shoes for different dances…some designs crossover dance styles.


Dance Shoes for Swing, Lindy Hop, Balboa

Remix Vintage Shoes – Find faithful vintage reproduction shoes in a variety of styles and colors. – Great casual and vintage reproduction shoes at excellent prices.

My Heinies – A swing dancer turned retailer has had some Tango Shoes redesigned for swing/balboa dancers.

Keds – The classic shoe for lindy hoppers comes in a ton of colors and styles to suit your personality.

Toms – The ‘new’ Keds…these comfy shoes come in a variety of colors.  *Bonus: when you buy a pair they send a pair of shoes to needy children.

Grasshoppers – Another classic sneaker style with a slight wedge heel which makes pretty lines and looks great with a dress.

Aerosoles – I know what you’re thinking…Grandma’s Shoes?!  These heels with rubber bottoms slick up enough for balboa or grip for lindy hop.

Miss L Fire – These modern yet funky retro style shoes are functional on the dance floor too.

Seychelles – A favorite among pin ups and retro fashinonistas, these sexy shoes can add flare on the floor.

Pin Up Girl Clothing – From ballet flats to wedgies and platforms, you can make a statement in these retro kicks.  I personally love their t-strap flats.


Tango Shoes

Tara Tangos – The preeminent Tango shoe company.  These shoes are well padded and constructed for comfort when dancing.

*see Ballroom section for discount practice shoes


West Coast Swing and Ballroom Dance Shoes

Worldtone – An AMAZING selection of good quality practice and competition shoes for ballroom, latin, and west coast swing (BUY A PAIR)

Capezio – Always a good bet for practice shoes and because they’re a large company, they have have a pretty flexible return policy on shoes.

Beacon Shoe Co. – These are fashionable enough to wear out but still function on a dance floor…not to mention they’re often on SALE!

Dance4Less – Speaking of discount…here are tons of various ballroom shoes at discount prices


Men’s Dance Shoes

Remix Vintage for Men – Classic wing-tips, two-tones, bucks and loafers; they’re not cheap but comfortable for dancing and very fashionable. – A variety of vintage shoes and super functional sneakers at really afforable prices.  Almost every regular swing dancer owns a pair…even ladies.

Stacy Adams – I can’t tell you how many great swing dancers swear by their Stacy Adams.  The classic styles are fashionable and with comfortable fits for narrow and wide feet.

Tango for Men – Supe fun and flashy styles in a functional dress shoe.

MyHeinies Mens – A Few classic dress shoe styles for men…I hear they’re very comfy with well padded insoles.

Discount Dance – An excellent selection of practice shoes for men in various styles at discount prices.

Dance4Less – More discount Men’s ballroom shoes

Keds for Men – Classic Keds come in styles and colors for men, however if you see a color or style you like in Women’s ‘Champions’ buy them in your size…they’re the same, shh.

Toms for Men – Toms are a fairly unisex style, however, if you want enjoy the light flexibility of these shoes in a masculine style, try the Botas or Cordones.


Happy Hunting Folks!