Surprise your family and wedding guests with a romantic first dance, showing off the intimate embrace and sensuality of the Argentine Tango.  Whether you are a kooky couple looking to choreograph a theatrically passionate number or a simple couple who’d like to elegantly walk the dance floor while looking into each other eyes, the Argentine Tango is the ultimate wedding dance.

Argentine Tango developed in South Americas in the 18th and 19th Centuries, but became popular as it spread to Europe and America is the early 20th century.  In Argentina the dance continued to be a social dance that relies heavily on improvisation of a few basic figures as couples walk counter-clockwise around the floor.

Here is one of my favorite Tango Film Clips:
Rudolf Valentino – The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921)


Learn the Basics of Argentine Tango

Learning to Tango for your first dance is easier than one might think.  Because this sensual dance is also a social dance there are many opportunities for you and your partner to take lessons and practice your figures in a fun and low-stress situation.  Atomic Ballroom recently welcomed Club Danzarin – a 14 year Argentine Tango tradition in Orange County – to Atomic Placentia on Sunday nights.  Come early for group lessons and stay for a traditional milonga (social dance).

Next Sunday, Atomic Placentia will be hosting a Beginning Argentine Tango Workshop.  In just one day you can learn the basics needed to get out on the floor with confidence.  Instructor Carina Fourmyle will teach everything from the basics, to etiquette, musicality, and lead/ follow techniques.  Check out this excellent Beginner’s Guide before coming to your first class or milonga (social dance).


Personalize your Wedding Dance

Then get together with one of our instructors at either of our Orange County locations for a private lesson.  This is your chance to pick meaningful music, develop choreography or refine your basics for the wedding dance you’ll never forget.  Bring your favorite song to your Instructor and show them some clips of moves which inspire you.

Since each couple is different, the character of the Argentine Tango must also be unique to their wedding, relationship or personal style.


Some may opt for the traditional Argentine Tango:

Others prefer a slow and intimate Vals (waltz) Tango:

And many enjoy a lighthearted Milonga Tango:

If your wedding is romantic and  formal, try a slow dragging Vals.  Want to keep things casual and upbeat, do a fun and fancy Milonga.  Or give your wedding guests a real show of passion and choreograph a traditional Argentine Tango.  The wedding dance is a chance to express yourselves as a couple and turn up the heat without breaking a sweat.


Anniversaries Everyday

Tango isn’t just for the wedding day!  Keep coming back to our Sunday Milongas and taking lessons.  After the wedding, couples can continue to improve communication and intimacy by making Argentine Tango a life long tradition.  So spend some time in each others arms, have fun together and relive the memory of your first dance over and over.