Have you ever wanted to find something swing related and weren’t sure where to go? So you start on Google and all you end up with is ads and frustration. Most of the websites are just regurgitations of the same old boring stuff. Fear no more swing addict! The following is a compilation of some of the best things out there on the internets…all swing related edition.

Swing Dance Websites

RabbitsAndToasters.com: We aren’t sure what the name means, but they do have more swing blogs than you can shake a stick at. From what I know, they have gone out and found the best blogs related to swing dancing and music, and put them all in one place. “Like google for swing dancers”

swungover.wordpress.com The official blog of Bobby White, dancer, competitor, writer and balboa instructor. A great website for original swing dance resources and great articles both related and not related to swing dancing.

yehoodi.com The original swing forum. With over 6000 registered users, its the largest online swing community forum around. A great place to ask a question about anything swing related, events, dance styles, anything!

Did you know that ATOMIC Ballroom has a description/history for every dance style that we teach?  Looking for more information about lindy hop, balboa, collegiate shag, the tranky doo? Start here first.

euclidsfifth.com For everything swing music related, this is a great site. And I swear I’m not biased because I’m married to the author!!

ocswing.com The original Orange County resource for swing music and dancing from way back when!  Lots of great information, and from what I have heard, being updated in the near future. Check back often.

Jass history guru and dance history extraordinaire, Peter Loggins, has a couple sites with great historical information about everything swing dance. check out his youtube channel, and website.

The LAPL (Los Angeles Public Library) has an amazing collection of vintage swing dancing photos in their collection for public viewing. Several of these photos have been used for the Camp Hollywood brochures of years past. Search for swing dancing to start!

Did you know that both Shesha and Nikki have their own personal websites with photos, videos, blogs and their teaching/performance schedules? check them out at nikkimarvin.com and sheshamarvin.com

ATOMIC Instructors

Here is a list of ATOMIC Ballroom instructors who have websites/blogs

Swing Dance Events World Wide

Here are a few links to some of the largest swing dance events in the world. ATOMIC doesn’t play favorites, so if we missed a couple, oops!  We can’t get them all:

Old Timers

Some of the dancers who got this whole thing started have websites as well, be sure to check them out

Swing Dance Books

Looking for a few good books about swing dancing? Check out these ATOMIC Ballroom approved books.

Swing Dancing Online

Facebook has a few groups related to dancing, however lots of them have spam. So we found this one, and of course the ATOMIC Ballroom facebook group!

Swing Dance Videos

There are several dance clips that are paramount to any swing dance resource article. However, we aren’t going to name all of them, there are far too many. That is for another time. In the meanwhile, here are 3 clips that you absolutely have to know, love, watch, and then watch again


Groovie Movie

ULHS 2006 (the most ridiculously awesome modern lindy hop clip out there. over 3 Million views on you tube!)

Well, we can’t get everything swing dance related, but we sure did try. Did we miss your favorite website or youtube channel? Let us know!