The response was overwhelming and unanimous as the Fly Rights snatched up 1st place honors in the National Jitterbug Championships Teams Division. Aubri Siebert’s creative and playful choreography, executed by her band of fun-loving swing kids, delivers, making the Fly Rights sophomore performance markedly their entrance into the competition game.

This team calls ATOMIC Ballroom their home, not only practicing here, but all members regularly attend Tuesday and Friday night dances. There was no shortage of homegrown teams and performers this year. ATOMIC Lindy Hop Colliders and many of your favorite partners represented ATOMIC spirit at Camp Hollywood 2010.

Prizes were nabbed by Hot Club Stomp, Jeremy Otth, Laura Keat, Mary Freitag, Mikey Pedroza, Nick Williams, Adrienne Weidert, Gabe Cashman, Michael Siebert, Ginny Zachary, Alice Pye, Will Ayces, Jenny Knox and well as many others, including yours truly. Our very own Krystina Torres was crowned the very 1st Miss Camp Hollywood. And of course, your gracious proprietors, Shesha and Nikki Marvin, who are doing their part to walk the walk by bringing home the bacon from every event they attend, walked out with a ton of hardware too.

Come down to ATOMIC on Tuesday and Friday nights to celebrate with us and experience some of their magic.