Ms. Ginger Holiday August Pinup Girl

ATOMIC Ballroom is proud to announce the August Pinup girl from the Atomic Cherry Bombs, Ms. Ginger Holiday.

After meeting the lovely pin up Ms. Ginger Holiday, you are immediately overcome with an intense desire to dance and sing. A pageant queen as a toddler, now Ms. Holiday is often found running through meadows, blowing bubbles. When she is not found on the beach playing in the shore break, our August Pinup girl can be found helping the children of the world, donating thousands of hours each week reading to orphans.

With all her philanthropy, any normal person wouldn’t have time for much else, but don’t tell that to Ginger. When she isn’t donating her time or climbing a tree, this delicious delectable of a pinup can be heard singing nightly at Plush Karaoke bar in downtown Irvine. Should you be so lucky to meet her at the bar, I dare you to listen to her rendition of Wind Beneath My Wings and not leave balling your eyes out, asking for mommy.

Ms. Ginger Holiday is the entire pin up girl package, intelligent, generous and screaming hot!

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