Killing It at Camp Hollywood XV

///Killing It at Camp Hollywood XV

Atomic Ballroom and OC Lindy Hoppers showed up to win at this years 15th Annual Camp Hollywood and National Jitterbug Championships!

Check Out this years highlights – Team, Showcase, Golden Budgie’s and more!

The Epic Battle of the OC Swing Teams

3 Teams entered.  Only 1 will win.  But ALL of them blew our socks off!  Aubri Siebert does it again and the Fly Rights win their 3rd NJC Team Championship in a row!  The Bobbysox Brigade coaches and Atomic Instructors – Amber Villa and Jofflyn Valencia pumped up their team (and the crowd) from the sidelines to win 2nd – Check out their killer final transition/aerial!  And The Atomic Colliders round out the competition.  Each team was full of energy, threw down new and interesting transitions, some wild aerials and put on a show.

The Fly Rights (1st Place)


The Bobbysox Brigade (2nd Place)


Atomic Colliders (3rd Place)


Some Other Never Miss Moments from Camp Hollywood 2012

Check Out Atomic’s very own Shesha Marvin dancing with Teni Lopez-Cardenas of San Antonio, Texas in the Pro Lindy Finals.  A 2nd Place NJC Showcase Routine from OC’s Favorite Duo, Laura Keat and Jeremy Otth (Jeremy also won NJC Pro Balboa with Teni).  And the GOLDEN BUDGIE winners Soochan Lee & Hyun Jung Choi!  *There was another epic CH Underground Comp…but if I told you, I’d have to kill you – or gouge your eyes out!  So be sure not to miss the fun next year!

Pro Lindy Finals


Jeremy & Laura Showcase


Golden Budgies – Soochan Lee & Hyun Jung Choi

Another great year at Camp Hollywood!  Congrats to all the competitors!  And thanks to Hillary Alexander (and her team of volunteers) for putting together this fabulous celebration of swing, vintage and jitterbug living!

You just never know what might happen in the NJC (or underground) competitions next year …so don’t miss it!

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