West Coast Swing Program

West Coast Swing is a cool and contemporary form of swing that can be danced to modern music. It’s smooth, tight, and bluesy and full of soul. If you love hip-hop, R&B, top 40, or blues, West Coast Swing is your kind of dance.

Sunday’s • West Coast Swing Classes
with Matt Richey
Location: Atomic Ballroom

  • 7pm • BEGINNING WEST COAST SWING Enjoy the classic art of swing dance with a modern twist! West Coast Swing can be danced to today’s top radio hits among a mix of Pop, Blues, Contemporary, and Jazz. WCS is considered the sexy, sophisticated swing dance.Take the class solo or bring a partner. There will be no rotating of partners in class. No experience required!
  • 8pm • INTERMEDIATE WEST COAST SWING Now that you have a handle on the basics, Let’s play with the dynamics and conversation within the partnership. Learn new techniques and idea to take your dancing to a higher level.

Pre-Registration is required.
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Covid-19 Precautions:
In order to maintain social distancing and provide a safe atmosphere for you to dance, there is a limited number of slots available in each class. Each slot can fit either 1 or 2 students. If you and your partner wish to reserve a slot, one of you must sign up for this class title and the other must sign up in the Partner Registration class of the same time slot. There will be no rotating of partners during classes. Both staff and students will wear masks while in the studio at all times. All students should enter at the front of the studio before class, and then exit out the back of the studio after class. We will have a 15 minute transition period between classes. The doors will be open. Fans will be on. Hand sanitizer will be readily available.