Argentine Tango Program

Argentine Tango
Argentine Tango is both a kind of music and a style of intimate partner dancing with roots in Argentina, Uruguay, and shaped by European and North American influences. The dancers in the community are people who love to connect with each other through close embrace to sweeping melodies.

Neo Tango
Neo Tango is an open-minded, free-flow way of sharing Argentine Tango. It’s a teaching and learning style based on improvisation rather than patterns. We practice to a variety of music including traditional tango music as well as neo-soul. This is not a synonym for Tango nuevo.

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Argentine Tango Events and Classes

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Covid-19 Precautions:
In order to maintain social distancing and provide a safe atmosphere for you to dance, we are adhering to California’s blueprint for reopening tier system which is based on the level of spread of COVID-19. There is a limited number of slots available in each class. If you and your partner wish to register for a class, you must each register individually. Both staff and students will wear masks while in the studio at all times. The doors will be open. Fans will be on. Hand sanitizer will be readily available.