For those of us who hail from the world of contact sports and hyper-social activities such as partner dancing, the current state of affairs across the U.S. hits especially hard. We’re not only accustomed to performing movements with others in close proximity but also feed off of each other’s energy and re-charge our own creative juices from this highly addictive, interactive form of art and communication. So to go without it (particularly for extended periods of time), leaves a big void for those of us who require this as much as we require oxygen to breathe. 

Yes, one can still dance along to YouTube videos, dance in the shower, and also dance along with the latest TikTok dance crazes along with millions on social media (although according to current reports of political controversy, even that may soon be in danger)! However, there’s just nothing like social dancing in a warm, engaging atmosphere amongst a group of friendly faces eager to share a dance or two. As we all patiently hope for the best and anxiously cross our fingers that this will come sooner than later, the often grim reality of the circumstances throughout much of the country snaps us back into reality. So those of us who view dance as essential as breathing seek ways to keep moving and keep connecting while adhering to current safety guidelines.

The good news is that ATOMIC’s innovative owners and collaborators have come up with a number of wonderfully, creative options to keep you dancing all while keeping you safe!

In addition to online and private lessons, another way to dance is by renting a private room at ATOMIC for just $12/hr. This is quite a steal considering the sheer size of each space, as well as the comfort and privacy they offer. There are several rooms to choose from, each with varying capacity, dimensions, and loaded with mirrors stacked from floor to ceiling. Each room is also stacked with a great sound system, alluring mood lighting, and flawless, well-maintained floors.

ATOMIC is also known for its excellent ventilation system, which is a dream for active dancers working up a sweat, and also anyone looking to stay cool this summer. For non-dancers alike, this can be the perfect getaway if you’re feeling cabin fever from being quarantined too long, or just want a change of scenery for a bit, or perhaps a quiet space to get some work done. Floor rentals are scheduled to allow for ample spacing in-between parties and only minimal essential staff is present for sign in.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Speaking of comfort and getting out, some classes are held in a gorgeous outdoor setting equipped with state of the art dance floor and ambient lighting. It is clear, ample spacing for recommended social distancing (with masks of course), and also a sanitizing station upon entry. To ensure adherence to recommended guidelines for optimal safety, class size is limited and each registered dancer/couple stays in his or her own square. Other group classes and private lessons are conducted in various ways including virtually.

Months into the COVID-19 Pandemic shutdowns across the U.S., various jurisdictions are finding ways of adjusting to life post lockdown. Businesses that can operate outdoors are moving operations out in the open air where the virus is reported to spread less easily than in close quarters while indoors. So just like many gyms, some dance classes are headed outdoors where you can enjoy the fresh air, cool breeze, and be treated to a special, exquisite experience of dancing beneath the stars!      

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