Boisterous, bearded businessman James Foyote is a witty, jokester whose quick, sarcastic quips are matched only by his determination on and off the dance floor.

So who is this self proclaimed “Alternative Energy Evangelist,” and man of many adjectives?
James grew up in a construction family, so naturally found himself working as a building inspector for a couple of year, and later as a real estate consultant. He even once kept a blog in which he shared his passion for all things real estate, gardening and politics. In his blogs he forecasted his property value predictions and even offered up apocalyptic survival tips! One blog titled Residential Equity Building and another titled The Learning Curve also perfectly describe the journey so many take going from novice to seasoned dancers.

As a busy professional, James discovered dance as a way to add balance (and additional exercise) to his demanding work life. Upon his introduction to ATOMIC Ballroom, James discovered a love for Argentine tango. Known for its steep learning curve compared to other partner dances, James remained diligent and dedicated to learning the intricate dance by attending weekly classes and staying hours later to practice during the dance socials (also known as a practica).

If you’re a regular in the ballroom on Wednesday or Friday nights you’ve likely crossed paths with the now bearded  James, whose outgoing personality and energetic nature make him hard to miss. Some might say that he can make his way around a room like a campaigning political candidate, who’s also trying out a warm up stand up comedy routine!

At the age of 49 James admits that one downside of dancing so often is that it can be hard on his joints at times. He also admits to having hurt his back on occasion while dancing Argentine tango with beginners who don’t know how to balance their weight with that of their lead. While he hopes to keep dancing as long as possible, regrettably his total dance time has been greatly reduced since relocating to the Inland Empire.

James attests that dancing is a useful skill to learn, as well as a great way to meet people. For these reasons he recommends that anyone give it a try. Adding, “We all start off as beginners, but it’s a friendly community where most remember our own beginnings and encourage newcomers.”

His favorite saying is: “Embrace the suck. You won’t be good at anything when you start. Just show up and constantly work on your skills.” -Anonymous. This describes his tenacity in dance and life to a tee, lending to his success in many fields. And as such, are wise words for anyone to live by.

Hobbies range from acting to motorcycles, muscle cars, sailboats and cooking.
While all business by day, James enjoys letting lose at events like Renaissance Fairs and Burning Man on occassion.
Enjoys reading up on space exploration, physics, Libertarianism and investing.
Favorite films: Blade Runner, Logan’s Run, Iron Man, Indiana Jones, The Outlaw Josie Wales, My Name is Obody, The Fighting Seabees, The African Queen and Encino Man.
Has a thing with pirates! Arrr!