Top Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss A Chance to Dance at Atomic

//Top Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss A Chance to Dance at Atomic

With so many places to go dancing, people are always comparing notes and on the prowl for the next best spot to dance. In addition to a good sized, well kept floor, and knowledgeable, friendly staff, ATOMIC has all that and so much more!

At ATOMIC you regularly meet out of town visitors from around the globe, as well as from counties both near and far. Those who pass by other dance studios located closer to them to make the drive to ATOMIC say it’s worth it for the reasons listed below and so much more.

10. Nightly socials, 7 days a week

With multiple dance floors spread throughout multiple rooms there are regular dance socials for different styles EVERY night, yes every night folks (I dare you to find that elsewhere)! With this many areas you can dance a whole slew of styles under one roof, even in the same night. There is also ample space for practice, privates and more. See calendar of classes and events for daily schedule, special events and updates.

9. Heat things up while keeping cool

While heating things up on the dance floor, you can still stay cool with the ample supply of fans, perfectly placed, plus air conditioning. You don’t find ventilation this cool in your grocery stores freezer section!

8. Many talented instructors, trained in a multitude of styles

There are so many teachers  that someone is virtually always around (during business hours) offering class, practice sessions, to schedule privates, or even just answer questions. From regular staff instructors to special guest instructors, there is always a great resource of talent and knowledge to draw from.

7. If you’re traveling anywhere, ATOMIC is on your way to and from virtually everywhere! 

Whether you’ve just flown in, or are on your way out of town, ATOMIC is so close to Orange County’s John Wayne airport that it can be a great place to pass the time on a long layover. The ballroom is across the street from the airport… literally! It is also a great place to meet friendly faces from the four corners of the earth. Known as one of the friendliest places to dance around, ATOMIC attracts an international crowd of all ages, professions and walks of life. Even some of the staff are from different parts of the world and/or multi-cultural backgrounds. From South Africa, Argentina, Iran, New Zealand, India and all across North America and Europe, Atomic is filled with smiling faces from local areas and abroad.

6. Where everybody knows your name

While literally everyone might not actually know everyone’s name, you still get that feeling at ATOMIC. This is  in part to due to the fact that many instructors and staff members have worked at ATOMIC for many years, if not since the very beginning. Whether long term or new patron, veteran or rookie employee, there’s something within these magical walls bringing people together. In fact, many employees and dancers have met their roommates, best friends, life partners and other special connections right here in the ballroom. And some have watched the children of ATOMIC veterans grow into adults and eventually start training or teaching. Whether you’re outgoing or shy, this is a place you are sure to thrive.

5. Fun for everyone

ATOMIC is a family friendly place, with classes for kids, and special events like the bi-annual open house, in which entire families, co-workers, and everyone can share in the gift of dance together during a fun day filled with free classes, sample private lessons, free munchies and plenty of giveaways.


4. Parking, no problem!

Unlike some places where you have to keep circling around and around  to find a spot, or pay pricey parking fees, at ATOMIC there’s hassle free entry with ample, free and close parking available! It’s hard to beat that in most other places!


3. Customer appreciation    
There are often great promotions offered throughout the year, particularly during the holidays and open house events. When you bring a new guest. New patrons get a steal of a deal with a special pass good for one week of unlimited classes, one free mini private, and for just $20! One of the best deals around, this and other specials are offered as thank you’s and customer appreciation to ATOMIC’s patrons.


2. No judgement zone

ATOMIC is great for experienced and new dancers. Everyone from world renowned champions and choreographers, to first timers who’ve never set foot in a dance studio have graced this floor. Seasoned dancers have the ample space they need and privacy if desired, while novices are able to learn in a welcoming, safe zone alongside other dancers of varying levels.

1. Get off of your couch and come try ours out! 

One thing that truly sets ATOMIC apart from most places is that you’re made to feel at home, and not just because of the comfy, leather sofa that sucks you deep into its soft cushions, but also because of the tasty treats (like cake!), snacks and occasional home cooked meals provided by Atomic directors and patrons. In addition to drinks for purchase, there is always water available at the water cooler, as well as complementary coffee and mints. Many ATOMIC regulars say that is these special touches and other amenities that make them keep coming back again and again, and telling their friends what a special place ATOMIC is.

While there are many more great reasons to invite friends and family to join the ATOMIC family, these ten are more than enough for the throngs of patrons who already frequent ATOMIC’s shiny dance floors. Give ATOMIC a try, if you’ve never been; or drop by for a visit and see what’s new if it’s been a while. Come see what all the buzz is about!

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