Dancing In The Sky: Pink Performs Hanging From Towering Building!

//Dancing In The Sky: Pink Performs Hanging From Towering Building!

Pop star Pink did the unthinkable by literally topping her previous gravity defying performances by hanging hundreds of feet above ground from a high-rise building for her recent American Music Awards performance. Pushing the limits of safety, creativity and some might argue sanity, once again, audiences were taken to new heights.

When it comes to flying high while holding a tune, nobody tops Pink in the music world. The pop world began reaching new heights in 2010 when Pink hung upside down from the incredibly high ceiling of the Staples Center, hanging by her own strength and a mere (arial) silk cloth for several minutes in the air. As she sang her song “Glitter in the Air” in perfect pitch, audiences were mesmerized as she was drenched in water then lifted even higher, as she spun around so fast that she became a human sprinkler. As she tossed and spun around at lighting speed, water splashed from her hair and body down upon those below her, wetting them as they looked up at her in awe. As she lay there so calmly in her silk cloth turned sky hammock, singing so softly, a hush fell over the crowd. Gazes ranged from wonderment to sheer terror, with some fearing her daredevil stunt could end up catastrophic, as she dangled precariously without a net down below. Many wondered how she managed to keep her composure and vocal power while dangling upside down like a bat and twisting her body like a contortionist.

Pink’s critically acclaimed performance of Glitter In The Air at the 2010 Grammy Awards.

That night she soared to new heights both vocally and physically; gracefully and effortlessly hanging up high above the crowd  like a circus acrobat in her gorgeous sheer glittery bodysuit. Pink is an artist who has always strived to push limits with her personal style and songwriting. Now she has also become synonymous with pushing physical limits in her performances. The fact that she insists on singing live, while dangerously dangling hundreds of feet above ground puts her in a category of her own.


In attempts to top her jaw dropping Grammy Awards performance in 2010, Pink looked to tackle even higher obstacles, selecting one of the tallest buildings in Los Angeles to scale. The J.W. Marriott building located in downtown L.A. has 21 floors on the hotel side and reaches a towering 58 floors on the residential end. Pink upped the risk factor of her already dangerous show by taking it outside and literally hanging herself from the side of a building with just a thin cable around her waist. As she moved along the side of the structure like an action hero,  she again managed to sing her heart out powerfully, calmly and in tune while performing repeater somersaults and other physically demanding maneuvers!


From topping charts to topping buildings, Pink delivers flawless vocal performs hanging from 58 story building!


Pink and her dancers didn’t just hang, rather they tumbled, repelled and jumped up and down the side of the tower as athletically as an Olympic gymnast, as magically as Spiderman, and as gracefully as a prima ballerina. Moving vertically and horizontally across windows as residents inside gazed back in wonder. With just five days to put together a never before seen routine and pull it off safely and gracefully, they clearly went above and beyond!

While this may not be for everyone, there are classes across the country open to most anyone for aerial arts and dance. If ever you’re ready to take your act to new heights, this is a great way to start.

Pink shows off her incredible strength, flexibility and dance ability in the air and on the ground, performing “Try” at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards.

This hair raising number will continue to inspire performers to reach new heights by pushing the limits and themselves, to take risks by stepping outside of the box… and perhaps even outside of a building; driving innovative, edgy ideas and elevating themselves and the arts to a whole new level.


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