“May the 4th be with you,” is the phrase paying homage to the ever iconic line “May the force be with you,” from the Star Wars trilogies. This modern take on the phrase is in reference to May 4th which has evolved into a global, annual holiday of sorts celebrating all that is Star Wars.

What began as a pun, first thought to have been quoted in the London Evening News congratulating Margret Thatcher on becoming the first woman Prime Minister of Britain in 1979 later grew into a full fledged global holiday. The article printed on May 4th, 1979 read, ‘May the Fourth Be With You, Maggie. Congratulations.’ This clever play of words  was one of the earliest known records of this saying.

The internet allowed fans to connect and spur a grassroots movement that spread around the world as online communities grew with it. While Lucasfilm, the company that created Star Wars didn’t initially have anything to do with the May 4th holiday, they came to embrace it and offer their endorsement with the official hashtag  #StarWarsDay and at, where they advertise related events and fan activities, helping to get the word out.

While many official parters increase the stakes with official contests, giveaways, exclusives and host official events and parties to commemorate the day; it is the fans who ultimately have made May 4th Star Wars Day what it is today. From grand celebrations, contests, movie marathons, cooking recipes and even costumed dance offs (as shown in theincluded videos), there is little doubt that the force is with us in the unity displayed across the globe.

Watching these talented performers work up more than just a sweat in those heavy, sauna like costumes dancing about the stage would bring a smile to anyone’s face and make them want to grab their dancing shoes, helmet and of course life saber!

Boogie Storm (dancing Stormtroopers) wow Simon Cowell on Britain’s Got Talent.



Vader and Emperor dance-off with funny references, great back up dancers and even better moves!

A clever mash up of modern iconic steps from pop music and dance set performed by familiar characters, and set to the iconic movie set backdrop. Darth Vader featuring Storm Troopers pop dance mix.



Han Solo shakes his groove thing to the pop hit “Solo” in this Kinect Star Wars video game clip.

A day in the life of Boogie Storm – Stormtroopers as they perform at a grand sports arena, strut the catwalks like the supermodels they are and drive around the UK and visit sick children in hospitals.



Featured video: A legitimate dancer dressed as Darth Vader and his back up dancers pump up the crowd during Disney’s Hyperspace Hoopla Weekend.

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