Love and Marriage on the Dance Floor

//Love and Marriage on the Dance Floor

In this age of technology it is not uncommon to find love and even a life partner on an online dating site. With the mere swipe of a finger across a cell phone screen, would be couples are connected in an instant. With this quick ease and convenience, many people now believe that meeting and falling in love the old fashioned way (such as bumping into someone, being hit by Cupid’s arrow and then living happily ever after) is just the stuff of fairytales. Well, not only does this still exist, but it can be quite commonplace in the dance world; as described in this list of married couples brought together by dance.

Stephen “Twitch” Boss & Alison Holcker, All star TV/film dancer-choreographers

Like the “Dancing With the Stars” lovebirds Twitch and Alison met while working as all star mentors on television’s “So You Think You Can Dance”. Their professional relationship and friendship evolved over time into a beautiful partnership. Married in 2013 at the home-winery of SYTYCD producer Nygel Lithgoe, the couple have been going strong ever since. Keeping busy, for several seasons they both continued to appear on SYTYCD partnered with newer contestants as mentor-coaches, even competing along side them. They also toured nationally with the show for some years, and later went onto numerous features. Allison has performed at the Olympic closing ceremonies with legendary group Earth, Wind and Fire, as well as  High School Musical and High School Musical 2.

Twitch has danced in a White House campaign with First Lady Michele Obama; worked on the “Ellen” show for years as her DJ/co-host; and even appeared in numerous TV shows and movies such as Star Search, Blades of Glory2007’s HairsprayMagic Mike XXL with Channing Tatum and the  Step Up  movie franchise. He’s been cast in the superhero movie Perfectus,[1] and will later star in the movie Ushers.[2]  This once untrained street dancer turned accomplished technician turned actor and family man also has his own apparel line called Boss Clothing. His memorable contemporary number on SYTYCD choreographed by Mia Michaels was even nominated for an Emmy award! With such busy tour and performance schedules, the young lovebirds joined forces by collaborating together for a special Macy’s Stars of Dance performance on “DWTS”. The contemporary themed piece demonstrated their professional growth as dancers (now regularly performing out of their original styles), as well as their undying love for one another. Their first child together was born in March of 2016.


Peta Murgatroyd & Maksim Chmerkovsky, “Dancing With the Stars” ballroom champions

Like Twitch and Allison, Peta and Max met on the TV series they were working on, only, they began as direct competitors on the same seasons to the present time have continued to vie against each other for the same trophy and title of DWTS champion. Peta and Max’s love story wasn’t as cut and dry as some  others, as their early moments on the show were not always together. Awkwardly Max had previously dated and been engaged to fellow cast mate Karina Smirnov, who once openly dated prior celebrity contestant Mario Lopez for two years. Max was even rumored to be in a relationship with champion ice skater and his former partner who he won the show with, Meryl Davies, not so long before things began sizzling with Peta. They had actually dated for ten months back in 2012 then split up for a year before re-kindling things again in 2014. Despite their split Peta says that she always knew that they would end up married. Sometimes one must try on different shoes in order to find the right fit. After a whirlwind romance on live television, they announced their pregnancy on a recent season and took some time off of the show to have their baby, just born last month and plan their upcoming summer wedding.

Emma Slater and Sasha Farber, Television dancers

After being on air for 22 seasons, Dancing With the Stars has seen a bevy of professional dancers come and go across its glitzy stages for years. With some veterans like Cheryl Burke and Maksim Chmerkovsky having more than a decade on the popular show, Slater and Farber are two of the shows newest and youngest pro’s. Having both started in the troupe (a small group of regulars who perform on the show without their own celebrity partners), they worked along side each other for a few seasons before revealing their professional relationship had become much more. Just this past season Farber got down on one knee during a live broadcast and proposed to a dazzled Slater. The cast and viewers went wild for this live television proposal after watching a real life romance grow from the staged romantic scenes they often acted out on stage.



Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo, in-demand “So You Think You Can Dance” choreographers

Tabitha and Napoleon met in college at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, in 1992 and began dated a couple of years later. Unlike most of the other super star dance couples listed, their dance career together began by choreographing industrial musicals for large corporations with the hip hop dance crew Culture Shock. A few years later they moved to LA together where they began teaching dance at local studios, working as background dancers for music artists and choreographing for professional sports teams. After becoming supervising producers on the popular MTV TV show America’s Best Dance Crew and resident choreographers on So You Think You Can Dance in 2008, their mainstream, meteoric rise began. Their emotional style of hip-hop choreography usually performed to downtempo music earned them the label of lyrical hip hop choreographers. This unique take on hip hop earned their choreography Emmy award nominations and led them to creatively direct tours and live events for Ricky Martin, Celine Dion and Jennifer Lopez; choreograph Madonna’s Super Bowl half time show, and even co-choreograph Cirque du Soleil shows like Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour and Viva Elvis.

Despite their incredibly busy work and schedule, NappyTabs (as they’re affectionately called) have not had to separate their professional from their personal life. Rather, they make everything a family affair and have managed to work as a successful team in all that they do. Instead of causing strain and tearing them apart, they seem to grow stronger as the years go on. In 2012 they welcomed their son London Riley to the world. Rather than slow them down, their new baby boy only seemed to further inspire their already incredibly creative juices with continued work on tours, television, and multiple residencies in Las Vegas like Mariah Carey’s Number 1’s residency at Caesars Palace hotel and re-choreographed Beatles Love at the Mirage Resort and Casino. With all of these shared accomplishments, it’s hard to imagine that upon their first meeting Tabitha found Napoleon to be shallow and recalled, “I thought he was a total jock player”. Luckily, he won her over and their love helped serve as inspiration for a body of work that has impacted the dance world and caused audiences to fall in love all over again.


Kim Johnson and Robert Herjavek, Television personalities Although Herjavek is not a dancer by profession, after partnering with Kim on the show for a short while he proclaimed that Kim’s tutelage made him feel like a dancer and a new man. Herjavek is a multi-millionaire mogul from the hit TV show “Shark Tank”. Although he didn’t come close to winning the show, he did manage to win the heart of his bubbly dance partner Kim Johnson. Viewers had a front row seat to witness their journey blossom from a frustrated teacher-student to flirtation, and then ignite into a full fledged romance, leading to a shotgun proposal and wedding in just a few months! While we have seen a number of romances develop on the show this one was extra charming and sweet as people love to route for an underdog and Herjavek was an underdog in the celebrity dance competition, while Johnson was an underdog of sorts on the show, having won only once. They have since made appearances on various shows as a married couple (professing their love for each other, expressing their gratefulness for dance having brought them together) in newlywed bliss.  It took many people by surprise. With all of this love and wedded bliss sparked on dance floors, it wouldn’t be a surprise if all the would be brides and grooms out there started dancing more to find their own love, marriage and future baby carriages!


Julie Diana and Zachary Hench, principals at Pennsylvania Ballet

They met in the year 2000. Julie Diana and Zachary Hench were both dancers at San Francisco Ballet. The moment they set eyes on each other, they were infatuated. Zachary decided it was time for a first date when the  dance company took a tour to Barcelona. He chose the Temple of the Sagrada Family—an impressive and iconic landmark by architect Antoni Gaudí that Julie was enamored by.

Anna Trebunskaya and Jonathan Roberts, ballroom choreographers from “Dancing With the Stars”

Eleven years ago, Jonathan and Anna were both in need of new ballroom partners. Although Jonathan and Anna had seen each other in ballroom dance competitions and were impressed with one another’s dancing, they confess that coming from such different worlds they didn’t initially click. Anna once recalled, “He thought I was a cold-hearted Russian and I thought he was a stuck-up American!”  After scoring an audition together in New York, they bombed the audition and she added salt to the wound by criticizing Jonathan’s posture and feet, directly saying that she didn’t like them. She was very direct.” In spite of tensions, the two continued auditioning together, from which a beautiful professional partnership developed. This long time married couple eventually became choreographer/coaches on Dancing With the Stars, although mostly at different times.

While there are countless other married dance couples out there, these are just a few of the most dynamic super star dance couples whose moves on and off the floor inspire, entertain and make audiences fall in love.

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