While millions of people will be eating their fill of decadent foods over the holidays, other will be singing and dancing to them. Confused? Then you might be one of the few out there who aren’t hip to the #YouNameItChallenge that’s been sweeping the nation.

In his latest music video, Snoop Dogg is rapping about a Thanksgiving feast while playing a clip from a catchy tune over and over. In it, gospel singer Shirley Caesar fervently sings “Beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes…” As she carries on her melodic food list, she ends it by yelling out in a powerful growl, “You name it!” Her vocals were laid over a hip-hop beat by DJ Suede, who modernized the 1988 rendition of “Hold My Mule”, giving it new life again for a new generation to enjoy.

Pop star/dancer Chris Brown filmed himself dancing alone at home to the catchy gospel song and in no time it caught fire in a viral blaze with countless others challenge each other to do the same. Almost immediately, droves of people began posting videos of themselves dancing to the song and challenging others with the hashtag #UNameItChallenge. Taking the world by storm, it made its resurgence at what couldn’t be at a more fitting time than the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, especially since the holidays are synonymous with food, food and more food.

Shirley Caesar has reached out to Snoop Dogg, expressing her appreciation and thanking him for being a catalyst for the renewed interest and subsequent success of her single, which was first released long before most of its latest fans were born. Not only has the song experienced crossover success across generations, but it also crossed over from a gospel audience to a broader, secular audience that continues to expand. Caesar stated that she would like to see a female like Missy Elliot take a turn at her song, realizing that by collaborating with such artist beyond her genre and appealing to a younger generation, her message will reach an even larger audience. She also hopes that this new found flock of fervent fans will purchase #UNameIt gear from her website, where proceeds go to charities in need.

Have a listen for yourself and discover how this infectious tune will make you want to get in the holiday spirit, dance… and of course stuff your belly with the foods featured in the song and more!