What could be better than celebrating a special anniversary party? Why that would be celebrating two very special events at once. This Wednesday, May 4th, ATOMIC commemorates its ninth year of its popular salsa dance social, aptly referred to as “Salsa Atomica”. For nearly a decade, the ballroom has grown a solid community of dedicated dancers who come from a variety of dance disciplines and backgrounds. With all of the competition out there and number of places opening and shutting down so quickly, ATOMIC’s decade long presence is a feat to be celebrated.

There is even more to celebrate with the anniversary falling just one day before Cinco de Mayo, as well as on the so called ‘Star Wars Holiday’. (Yes, this is an actual observed day)! Piggybacking off of the most recent blockbuster hit from the Star Wars series, an inter-galactic theme sets the tone for the evening with the catch phrase “May the 4th be with you”! With a long standing reputation for knowing how to throw a party, the ballroom will turn into another world as the themed decor and costumes whisk dancers away to another galaxy far, far away.

In addition to a full schedule of classes throughout the day, there are a variety of salsa classes to choose from in the evening. It’s a great opportunity for intermediate and advanced dancers to review their basics and build off on them, while beginners can get started off on the right foot with beginner level classes.

The last class will be followed by Salsa Atomica’s highly anticipated dance social, where guests will be kept energized with light refreshments, and live music by local favorite, Daniel y La Guajira, whose contagious rhythms are guaranteed to set the night on fire!

Whether you dance another style, are new to salsa, or just want to enjoy an evening of good fun, this is a great night to come by and join the festivities filled with good food, people and of course, dancing!