National Water Dance

//National Water Dance

When you hear the phrase Water Dance what likely comes to mind are images of synchronized swimmers, or perhaps water polo players dancing around in the water. Although some might argue that these are indeed water dances, there is another type that isn’t as widely seen. On Saturday, April 16th, dance students from Universities to professional companies, and from Florida to Alaska and many states in between will gather at the nearest lake, river or other water site accessible to them and unite in a simultaneous dance that will be live streamed on the internet.

In 2011, the New World School of the Arts in Miami, Florida initiated the National Water Dance as a way to call attention to the fragility and power of Florida’s expansive waterways. At first just a local event, within three years artistic director Dale Andree grew the program into a National event, including more than 70 institutions in more than 30 states around the country.

It was created to bring attention to the urgent issues of water and encourage conservation and responsibility for water consumption. This event was designed so that participants could experience dance as a a form of social activism, allowing them to be part of a community of people dancing together for a common goal, referred to as a “movement choir”, an idea conceived by Rudolph Laban.

Celebrating the environment and nature, performances are often outdoors and audience members are sometimes invited to join the dance. Based in Florida, the event leaders connect with participants online and suggest ideas and movement phrases for them to draw from. From this a common dance phrase is created that everyone around the country will share in their individual choreography.

Compilation of various water dance performances from across the country.

To participate or for more information on the National Water Dance, contact You can also check out the list of participating schools and join the movement by showing your support!

Photo credit:, Miami, FL.



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