This Valentine’s Day, why not top off that romantic dinner with a little dessert? Not just any dessert, rather one that helps get rid of calories as opposed to packing them on. Although I’m not referring to something you would eat, this is just as satisfying. Come spend an enchanting evening in a close embrace, dancing to the romantic rhythms of a hypnotizing  live Argentinian tango band.


Tango music and dancing have long been known as one of the most sensual and passionate of the numerous styles in existence. Whether in the movies or real life, the intimate exchange between dancing couples is often a main focal point. Using the music as a guide, couples communicate with complex movements, while often expressing a array of sentiments. This can be a great way to enhance your connection on and off the dance floor, as you explore communicating in other creative ways.

This special evening is not just for couples. If you’re single, you’ll get the chance to mix and mingle with other singles in attendance, (especially in the group classes, where you’ll have the chance to rotate partners, making it easy to get to know your fellow classmates). Remember, many of our very own instructors and professionals met their significant others right here on the dance floor! There’s no better way to make new connections and possibly spark new romance than while gliding across the floor doing something so enjoyable that brings people together!

If you’re new to tango, or dance in general, come earlier to try one of the many classes offered just before the evening milonga, and throughout the week. With back to back classes ranging from beginner to advanced level, from 6:15 PM until the dance social begins, there are plenty of options with something for everyone. Your first tango class is only $2, and you get a bonus 30 minute sample lesson when you purchase a group class punch card along with your first lesson!

Beginning at 8:30 PM the ballroom floor will transform into an inviting, tantalizing scene, as the lighting, live music and overall atmosphere will make you feel like you’re in Buenos Aires being swept off of your feet beneath the moonlit sky. Playing a mix of traditional tangos, classic waltzes and mesmerizing milongas, the Los Angeles based, Argentinian group Tinto Tango will set the mood for an evening of romance.

Whether you’re already in love, are looking for love, or just love to get out and feel good, ATOMIC has you covered. Just come on in to your one stop Valentine’s shop!