That time of year has arrived when the leaves change color and holiday decorations go up… along with those bathroom scales. Rather than packing on the pounds this holiday season, come on in to ATOMIC to help burn off those extra calories while having some festive holiday fun!

If you have friends and family visiting (whether they dance or not) invite them along. We all know what a friendly, inviting place ATOMIC can be. So bring your guests along for some festive fun rather than leaving them at home to sit on the sofa. They can take a class or two then stick around for the social each night. Be sure to stop in on Wednesday, November 25th for a very special Pre-Thanksgiving dance. It’s the perfect time for the whole family to come out since so many people don’t work the next day.

For some variety pop into studio B to try a little tango, or dance the night away to tropical beats all night, with live music by special guest band Fernando Vela Y Orquesta! Don’t be surprised to find special treats early on in the evening as you kick off the holiday season surrounded by our wonderful local dance community!