Recently I wrote about wedding dances and how to prepare for such an event. This time I’ll further explore what exactly goes into such an event and some of the specific dance styles that will be covered in ATOMIC’S Wedding Dance Workshop on October 18th.

This special wedding dance workshop hosted at Atomic Ballroom is truly one of a kind. More than just a quick lesson, participants will have the entire afternoon to explore a variety of ballroom dances, as well as get assistance with music selection and other helpful tidbits. Whether your wedding is right around the corner, or still quite a ways from now, you’ll want to start planning ahead to allow sufficient time for preparation and practice for everyone involved, as well as to alleviate any additional worries that can come with planning for such a big day.

What Exactly is a Wedding Dance?
There are countless variations of wedding dances which can vary depending on geographical location, culture, religion, historical tradition, personal taste and so forth. It can be as simple or as complex as you like. From the traditional western style ceremony that starts with the bride and grooms first dance, later incorporating the bridal party, to more elaborate cultural presentations of intricately choreographed numbers; from laid back and low key to highly formal and detailed, the possibilities are endless. Following the bride and grooms first dance, typically the bride and father share a dance, followed by the groom and his mother, commencing with the bridal party, and then everyone else. Since the first dance is a main focal point, with all eyes on the couple, it is more enjoyable for everyone (including the bride and groom), when they are prepared. There is already enough to worry about when planning for a wedding without adding a fear of falling over each other or feeling embarrassed to the list. Regardless of what you decide, you’ll find that preparing something in advance will allow you to relax and enjoy your special day.

Whether you have two left feet or have some dance experience, ATOMIC’s wedding dance workshop and subsequent lessons will have you ready and looking your best for the big day. The workshop will go over Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba and Night Club Two Step. That’s four different dance styles in just one afternoon! For those who are new to ballroom, or dance in general, and are wondering what the difference is between each style or just what to expect, you will learn the basics along with some help with music selection. With further lessons you’ll even receive personalized assistance with the first dance and choosing a custom wedding package and dance style that best suits your personality and wedding style!

Feel the elegance and romance as you dance the dance most used in fairy tales and romantic scenes. Characterized by it’s pronounced rise and fall and body sway, this smooth dance originated in Germany and has become one of the most popular ballroom dances all over the world. You will feel like the prince and princess of the ball floating on air as you glide across the floor in a tender embrace with your partner.

Like the waltz, this smooth dance travels along the line of dance counterclockwise around the floor and has a rise and fall to it. It differs from waltz in its slow, quick, quick tempo and it’s jazzy feel reminiscent of the iconic Fredastaire and Ginger Roger style of movement. Essentially basic walking and sidesteps, the Foxtrot will allow you to showcase rhthym, timing and suave style.

Night Club Two Step
Just as its name suggests, this fun, carefree dance is especially popular in night clubs. Created in the 1960’s as the newest dance of the bunch, this simple dance sometimes called the Disco Two Step or California Two Step will be a welcome, relaxed addition for any wedding dance floor. Its slow, long glides and rock steps to romantic soft rock love songs allow couples to connect and enjoy each other without having to worry as much about rigid rules and complex steps.

The scintillating rumba is the slowest and most seductive of the competition Latin American dances. This serious yet romantic dance typically tells a story of love, highlighting the female flirting with her male partner then rejecting him, creating sensual movements and steamy tension. Called the dance of love with its passionate embrace, eye contact and dramatic intensity, make this a perfect choice to start off on the road to marital bliss. The hip action and rhythmic body shapes will have the bride and groom hurried to rush from the ceremony straight to the honeymoon!

Video Clip : Wedding Dance Waltz

Keep in mind that the dance style in the video, as well as for the workshop are just a fraction of what’s out there. As much as you will learn in the workshop, you will find that it is very beneficial to continue with further classes and private lessons (which can be scheduled at the front desk), to retain and even build upon what you have just learned. Many people initially take up ballroom dancing to prepare for a wedding or other special event, then realize long after the big day has passed that they have begun a journey that they aren’t ready to end, and have learned a useful skill that is healthy, fun and keeps you young!