As line dance continues to soar in popularity, dance-floors around the world have also become more crowded. With this in mind, here are a few tips that will help keep you ‘in line’ while having a good ol’ time!


Don’t walk through a crowd of dancers to get across the floor. It is more courteous and just plain safer to walk around the perimeter of the floor to reach a destination on the other side. Or just wait until the song ends if there’s no hurry.

Don’t tell dancers in other areas that they are doing a style incorrectly, or to the wrong music. Line dances can vary considerably from place to place.

Don’t neglect to help out your fellow dancers when in need. In many places it is acceptable to call out steps of a line dance mid-movement. A lot of beginners in particular can feel encouraged by this.

Don’t wear clothes and shoes that are uncomfortable and interfere with your ability to move freely about the dance floor.

Don’t fail to maintain proper distance between others when a dance floor is divided into sections, allowing multiple dances to be danced at once. This happens when more than one line dance can be performed to a particular song, and can be confusing or even disastrous when people don’t give one another enough space.


Do pay close attention to the DJ’s announcements. In addition to making special/important announcements such as
a patron leaving their vehicle lights on, some DJ’s also announce which dance styles are to be done to the music and also sometimes
count it in.

Do stand in the middle. New comers often make the mistake of standing in the back of the room, but not only do they have a limited view, but they also find themselves in the front of the room when the step suddenly rotates 180 degrees. Dancers in the middle will always have people all around them to rely on no matter which direction the routine takes them.

Do let the DJ know when he or she is doing a good job and they’re more likely to continue playing great music and requests.

Do try to learn at least a few basic steps like the grapevine, stomp and step-tap right off the bat. This will help you be able to pick up parts of many other popular dances.

Do dance in a counter-clockwise direction for traveling dances like two step, with faster dancers on the outer rim of the circle. And stay in the middle of the for stationary line dances.