I HATE missing the US Open Swing Dance Championships!  It’s one of the few West Coast Swing events I make a point of attending, since it is right in our backyard!  So when I missed it this year, I sat by computer impatiently waiting for videos. 

I am always inspired to refine my WCS technique and steal idea to use in my lindy hop and balboa!  Here are some more videos from the 2013 US Open Swing Dance Championships.  And if you are inspired to refine your west coast swing too, head on over to Atomic on Thursday Nights for classes and Swingin’ the Blues.

Jordan Frisbee and Tatiana Mollman – 1st Classic

Benji Schwimmer and Torri Smith – 1st Showcase

Barry Jones and Patty Vo – 1st Sophisticated Swing

Christopher Dumond and Nicole Clonch – 1st Young Adult (14-17)

Robert Royston and Yenni Setiawan – 1st Strictly Swing

PJ Turner and Emeline Rochefeuille (France)

Wow. I want to boogie down to some WCS, let’s go!