5, 6, 7, EIGHT Top Reasons to Take a Private Dance Lesson at Atomic

//5, 6, 7, EIGHT Top Reasons to Take a Private Dance Lesson at Atomic

A private lesson allows us to work one-on-one with professional instructors to reach our dance goals. These lessons can be scheduled according to your life rather than having to fit into a group class schedule and may be more productive since you and the instructor can exclusively focus on details at your pace.

Whether you are a beginner who needs some extra attention or a skilled dancer who is ready to become a highly proficient dancer, private lessons allow for learning all of the nuances of technique and personal expression. Here are 8 more reasons to take a private lesson from any of the amazing instructors at Atomic Ballroom…

8 Reasons a Private Dance Lesson with a Professional is Just the Thing You Need

1. You have special need and still want to express yourself through dance

Want to overcome that disability? Ready to show everyone that ANYONE CAN DANCE? A private lesson will allow you some space and time to feel comfortable with dancing, as well as give a professional the chance to help you prevent injuries and improve technique specific for your body.

2. You want to learn but need a class that works on YOUR schedule

We’re all busy and have varied life schedules. Some of us work at night and can’t make evening classes. Other’s of us aren’t free until the weekend and maybe there is no class at that time. Here is your chance to make time to keep up with lessons or improve your skills on your own time. So drop the excuses and schedule a private lesson.

3. You get embarrassed easily and need a break from group lessons

Private lessons can boost your confidence. Maybe it’s your first time in a dance studio. Maybe you aren’t comfortable asking questions in front of your peers in class. Or maybe you want to avoid the strange things that happen in a group lesson…

4. You need to get ready for a wedding or special gala event

Don’t set out onto that floor, dressed to the nines with two left feet! A private lesson can help couples refine that first-dance choreography. They can help you brush up on your ballroom basics in a jiffy. And they may even help you sweep someone off their feet.

5. You can get a handle on that troublesome skill or technique

Having trouble getting down that one move? Want an explanation or correction on a technique from last weekend’s workshop? A private lesson can help you zero in on the skills and goals important to you.

6. Because online instructional videos still aren’t helping you understand that complex figure

Sometimes it takes a professional to help you understand. And sometimes that professional needs to be right there with you to help smooth out the kinks and clarify those finer details in a private lesson – this can be hard to find online these days.

7. Because you want personal attention from a professional to learn choreography or get ready for a competition

One of the most common reasons to take a private dance lesson, is to get some intense, focused learning from a professional and fine tune your skills for a performance or competition. Want to learn routines like on Dancing With the Stars? Ready to audition for SYTYCD? A one-on-one with your partner and instructor will help you take it to the next level.

And finally…

8. Because it’s totally worth it!

Some people avoid private lessons because they think they’re too expensive, but private lessons can save you money too! A week of privates could help you accelerate past a whole level. One thing is for sure, sometimes going the cheap route and taking informal lessons from your sister isn’t worth the pain…

Take a Private Dance Lesson or Series of Privates at Atomic Ballroom

Our studio is outfitted with over 30 experienced dancers and professional instructors ready to help you put your best foot forward! Want to take a private lesson? Call Atomic for more information about sample privates, private lessons for weddings, and private lesson packages in any or every dance of your choice!

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