Your summer wedding is only weeks away? Don’t sweat it! Atomic Ballroom and their family of dance instructors and wedding consultants have the finishing touches that will guarantee your wedding to be the absolute best blow out of the summer!

Include Your Parents in Your Dance Lessons

Many parents also appreciate being included in the festivities. Include parents in your wedding dance lessons or sign up for additional lessons separately so they can have little help with their Father-Daughter or Mother-Son dances before the wedding.

Consider Your Clothing and Footwear

Both the bride and groom will want to consider any special clothing or props involved in your wedding dance. If you are not using special costumes, be sure your wedding attire will not hinder your ability to dance. Many couples forget how restrictive some wedding dresses and dress suits can be, it’s okay, just test drive your wardrobe. Nobody want’s to see you ripe a seam or pop a button so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Also, the bride may want to take the last lesson in her shoes for the wedding day so that she gets used to dancing in them – or has a chance to pick up a spare pair of snazzy wedding sneakers. And ask your dance instructor for their input – they may know right away what will or will not work for your choreography. Remember, they are here to support you so your day is fun and special!

Make Plans for Dancing at the Wedding

At this point, you have finished your dance lessons and booked your reception entertainment. The next thing to plan is making room and time for the guests to do lots of dancing! If it’s hot, guests will need a way to cool off – consider personalized fans with your wedding emblem, initials or the name of each guest.

You will also want to speak with your coordinator about when to have your first dance as a couple and when to bring in your parents for the Father-Daughter, Mother-Son dances.

And make sure your DJ and photographer know what you’re up to as well! The DJ will need to know how you will enter and exit your dance so they can cue the music accordingly. If you have a special CD , bring more than one copy with you and have the DJ try it on his equipment prior to the wedding to make sure it plays. Photographers are used to couples standing still and swaying in the middle of the floor. If you planning a cool entrance and intend to use the whole dance floor, be sure they know so they can catch all the important moments of your dance.

Put Your Best Foot Forward Together

Your wedding dance will be a beautiful expression of your love and a great symbol of your future life together. Your guests will love anything you do, and be impressed by any extra effort you make. So bring joy and love into your dance, don’t sweat the small stuff, and enjoy it all!

Pure Joy – Dancing and Weddings go hand in hand no matter what your station in life!

Happy Nuptials!