Make It a Date Night

//Make It a Date Night

Atomic Ballroom Has All You Need For a Night of Fun and Romance

That all-important first date or super special night out on the town –  where do you go?  What do you talk about?   How do you keep a date from turning into an interview?  The key is creating a “shared experience” that establishes a lasting, romantic connection from the get-go.  Here’s how to do it…

The Place – Atomic Ballroom

Now that you’re in the mindset that this first meeting is an experience, not an interview, where do you go?  If you’re still in Open Communication, use it to express what a fun date is for either of you.

What you don’t want to do is the default dinner or coffee date, because when you sit opposite each other then you’re back to the interview.  Instead, pick a place that will let you walk and talk at the same time, and that will provide readily available talking points.  It’s the connection that’s important, not what you do.

Head down to Atomic Ballroom for some casual social dancing. Aside from a lull in the DJ set, there will really be minimal talking involved. Dancing is about feeling… like a reactionary back and forth where you instinctively move along with another person. Dance, is of course, a universal language.

Expressing Yourself – Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

If you’re worried you might not say the right things to them, don’t.  Connecting with someone is not just about cerebral conversation and impressing them with your wit.  It’s also about letting them see your feelings and expressing your interests – it will intrigue them.  They will see that you are comfortable being yourself and this will encourage them to let their guard down, feeling it’s okay to be themselves, too.

Dancing, after all, is a form of artistic expression, and how your date decides to express themselves is very telling of their personality. Even if they can’t dance, you’re testing that person in an awkward situation to learn how that person would react if you were to both get stranded and have to figure out a way to survive. In this case it’s being stranded in a room with music and people, and… well, figuring out a way to survive (without getting stepped on, of course).

Take a Break and Keep The Party Going

Need a break? Want a moment to actually have a conversation while you catch your breath? Some nights ATOMIC provides some type of dessert for the hungry dancers or you can purchase a nice cold drink and step outside for some fresh air. Re-fuel. Re-energize. And take a moment to speak with your date away from the blaring sounds of the DJ booth.

Now that you’re both exhausted out of your minds, you are not likely to carry on with the prodding interview questions. It will be refreshing and you will both feel that you can just relax and get to know each other.

Saying Goodbye…For Now

If you want to see this person again, don’t end the evening with a handshake – a hug or a peck on the cheek is entirely appropriate to show your interest. And perhaps you can make another date to try another social dance evening or even sign-up for a series of group classes.

And if you’re not really feeling them, keep it simple and gracious.  Say, “Thank you for a nice time (Hey – At least you got to go out dancing).  I enjoyed meeting you, but I don’t think we are a romantic match.” Everyone who comes into your life has something to teach you and at least now you know how to have a Date Night! Happy hunting for Mr or Mrs Right…

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