Slow Drag on Down to The Blues Lounge

//Slow Drag on Down to The Blues Lounge

Blues dancing with its solo, partnered, vintage and contemporary forms are another branch of the vernacular jazz dance family. When the lights are low and the tempo drops, it’s time to slow dance. And at Atomic on Fridays, when you’re in the mood to drag it out there’s the Blues Lounge tucked away upstairs!

A Brief History of Blues Dancing

In the following clips from the Spirit Moves: History of Black Social Dance, you will see couples and solo dancers moving to a slow tempo song – snaking, shaking and fish-tailing their hips, strutting, dragging, shaking and weaving.

Blues Dancing in Spirit Moves

Sandra Gibson Shake Blues

Sandra Gibson and James Berry do ‘Gutbucket Blues’

Al Minns, Leon James and Partner doing ‘Speakeasy’ Blues

Groovin’ into the Modern Era

And blues dancing continues today!  You can dance on your own, with a partner, keep it classic or blues dance your own way!

Lindy Focus Blues

Blues Shout 2012

Mikey & Nikki

Blues in Southern California

If you’re looking for more Blues Dancing in Southern California, Orange County or Los Angeles, there is dancing at Atomic on Friday nights (10p – late) and check out Do Something Blue for more on blues gatherings around town.

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Shani Brown discovered swing dancing in the late 90s as she eased out of gymnastics into a new physical activity. When she moved to Orange County in 2000, she discovered a whole new world of Balboa and Lindyhop - and she's been obsessed ever since! When she's not hitchhiking to dance events across the country, she's probably got her nose in a book...And when she's not dancing, she's probably talking about dancing or watching dancing and being a typical dance-geek.