Group Dancing!

Teams.  Group Performances. Chorus Girls.  And more…

Welcome back to March Mayhem celebrating a variety of dance styles on film! Next up on tap – teams, group performances, troupes and mass viral performance art.  Every dance style likes to showcase their unique moves with large scale choreography.  By taking up space and repeating or transferring movement between dancers, choreographers are able to maximize the visual effect and inspire awe and empathy in the audience.  There are many types of group dances, these are just some of our favorite jazzy routines from movies, contests and live performances.

So let’s get started.  Here are some old classics, some vintage inspired performances, team showcases and modern viral dances…

Chorus Guys and Gals Showing Off in the Classics

Hot MikadoA rare look at Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers performance during the World’s Fair

Over the Counter (1932)

Dance the Devil Away (1930)

Springtime in the Rockies (1942)

Vintage Inspired Teams, Group Performances and Gal Troupes

Northern Lights – Jump Session Show

Lucky Devil – Chance, Amy, Patrick, Natasha, Jenna and Chris with Meschiya Lake

New Orleans Bump – Evita, Jo and Eylse

Atomic Cherry Bombs in a Music Video! Hollerado – Got to Lose

Modern Group Performances & More

Chicago – We Both Reached for the Gun

SYTYCD Group Performance – Rama Lama Bang Bang

Silhouettes Performance Troupe on America’s Got Talent

Gangnam Style Flash Mob at Superbowl 2013 – Did you see a couple of NOLA swing dancers in there?!