Welcome to 2013!

Like most of you, my New Year’s Resolutions consist of fitness goals, attempts to learn new things and reminders to relax and enjoy my life.   So why not get started on achieving more than one resolution goal by enrolling in group classes, taking a private or getting connected with other like-minded dancers at Atomic Ballroom!?

Too often it’s hard to keep our resolutions.  We either desire results too quickly, our enthusiasm wanes or we simply get distracted by everyday life.  Studies have shown that those who stick to their regimes have a few common motivations which help them stay the course.  Let’s explore some of the ways you too can Create A Dance Habit in 2013 to put yourself on the path to health and happiness…

5 Steps to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

  1. Do an Activity you Enjoy!
    Only activities you WANT to do for an extended period or frequently should be a habit.   If they become a habit – which is something we often do without thinking or much effort – then they stand of good chance of getting done.  Keeping a habit takes some initial motivation and commitment, so if it’s an activity you enjoy – such as dancing – then you’re more likely to stay the course once your first round of classes if complete.
  2. Make Your Goals a Priority
    Don’t negotiate with yourself, make your new habit a priority and let your new activity become part of your identity!  Motivate yourself to go dancing, even when you’re tired, because chances are, you’ll feel better afterwards.  Dance lessons or social dancing will stimulate your mind and body.  If you skip a class, it won’t be the end of the world, but you’ll probably be disappointed – so for the first couple of weeks, push yourself and remain accountable for your time.
  3. Commit to/with Another Person
    Support systems are important for both breaking and building habits.  Pick a friend, loved one or family member to join you on this journey!  Or make a promise to someone you wouldn’t want to disappoint – your partner, son/daughter, doctor?  I know one father who committed to his daughter that he would learn to fox trot before her wedding in April.  He went to classes regularly and even went social dancing when he was exhausted from a day at work, simply because he couldn’t stand the idea of disappointing her on the big day.
  4. Become Aware of the Indicators of Progress
    Success isn’t just about losing x number of pounds or moving up a level.  When you create a dance habit, you can celebrate a number of incremental accomplishments!  Notice your increased stamina and daily energy levels.  Realize you’re not as sore after class or a dance as you were when you began.  Did that belt get bigger?  Are you more focused at work or calm around the kids at night?  Instant gratification has taught us to look for the obvious signs of effective life habits.  Instead, take account for little improvements.
  5. Reward Yourself
    Celebrate your successes!  Getting those jeans on, moving up to the next level of classes, completing that performance or getting that dance move down are all reasons to reward yourself for a job well done.  Buy yourself a new pair of dancing shoes!  Take your loved one or dance partner out for a night of dinner and dancing in some swanking night club!  Making a behavior change is hard so keep yourself motivated with rewards along the way.

Create a Dance Habit

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