Disney Characters Show us How to Boogie

A long time back, we did some articles on dancing in films and movies for your viewing pleasure.  Today we’d like to offer up a cheekier group of videos of dancing, swing dancing, tap dancing and ballroom dancing from films made by Disney (and its affiliates such as Pixar).

In delighting adults and children, Disney has always utilized the power of music to connect and transport viewers to past and imaginary worlds. Well, dancing goes hand in hand with music, so here are some of our favorite dance scenes from Disney and Pixar films…

Woody and Jessie Swing Dancing

Buzz and Jessie Latin Dancing

Boogie with the Jungle Book Apes

Waltzing with Beauty and the Beast

Jazz and Tap from Polly (1989)

Swingin’ with Felines

Fantasia is Fantastic for Dancing

Just for Fun…Mickey and Minnie Swing Dancing at Disneyland