Inspiration Weekend 2012 – Discovering the roots of your dance happiness

///Inspiration Weekend 2012 – Discovering the roots of your dance happiness

Ultimately we want you to be inspired by the dance, either for the first time or to find your inspiration all over again…

March 2012 is upon us and that means it’s time for Inspiration Weekend in Orange County California!  This March 2nd-4th, Shesha, Nikki, Mikey and James bring our local SoCal dance community a chance to push our dancing, ourselves and each other.  Inspiration Weekend 2012 will have fun contests with twists on the usual formats and great international instructors to patiently instruct and inspire students to be innovative and true to their individual spirits.

Inspiration is a self-generated state of being which moves us through the (often uncomfortable) stage of uncertainty towards the ideal of perfection, it is the initiator of change and transformation, it is also the root of our exhilaration and a response to the great joy we see in another person actions.  What made you fall in love with swing dancing?  Was is the music?  Maybe you love the vintage aesthetic?  Or perhaps you saw Frankie Manning snatch is partner over his shoulder with an athletic grace that made you want to attend your first dance class?  And as you’ve progressed have you found new seeds of inspiration to drive your improvement?

Join us this weekend as we search for and share our inspiration for loving the lindy hop!

Find Inspiration in the Possibilities

Immerse yourself in learning a new skill, a new dance, or a new move.  Try something you’ve secretly wanted to learn but thought you couldn’t pull off…


Find Inspiration in People

Notice what inspires someone else and focus on how they are experiencing and expressing that passion…


Find Inspiration in Yourself

Express yourself creatively in a way you never have before.  Open you heart and mind to sharing your exhilaration that moment of inspiration with the others around you…


Inspiration Weekend 2012

Full Schedule and Registration


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Shani Brown discovered swing dancing in the late 90s as she eased out of gymnastics into a new physical activity. When she moved to Orange County in 2000, she discovered a whole new world of Balboa and Lindyhop - and she's been obsessed ever since! When she's not hitchhiking to dance events across the country, she's probably got her nose in a book...And when she's not dancing, she's probably talking about dancing or watching dancing and being a typical dance-geek.

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