Preservation Hall - New Orleans

Preservation Hall - New Orleans

Of all the music I heard in New Orleans, my favorite memories and music come from Preservation Hall.

Preservation Hall is a one-room venue, often with only standing room available, and well worth braving the heat, humidity, and lines to get in.  The finest jazz musicians in the world play here, and walking through the doors feels like stepping back in time.  The atmosphere is electric, and for me, was on my “must do” list for New Orleans.  For the four and a half days that I was in the Big Easy, I was at Preservation Hall at least three times.  You can’t beat the intimate environment, and of all the jazz music I heard and saw, this was my favorite venue.

This video is from my first visit to Preservation Hall to see Aurora Nealand and her Royal Roses.

One of the other amazing things that happens at Preservation Hall is they do jam sessions where anyone can show up with their instrument and join in the music.

This gal (I sadly didn’t get her name or to talk to her) is an amazing sousaphone player.  She was able to hold her own with all of the incredible musicians who play regularly at Preservation Hall.  At the end of a jam session evening she kept it going for a little bit longer.

And yes, I did get to do a little swing dancing inside Preservation Hall.