I just came across this interview with Norma Miller that I absolutely had to share with you.  This interview is from the AARP’s show “My Generation.”

Born in 1919, Norma Miller became a professional dancer at the age of 12, was a member of Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers, and was the late Frankie Manning’s dance partner.  She was the youngest member of the troupe, being just 14-years-old when Herbert “Whitey” White asked her to “dance with him instead of against him.”  She often had to sneak in and out of clubs and, as a minor, had to continually duck curfew laws.

In addition to her numerous dance credits, she is an author, an actress, a choreographer, and a stand-up comedian.

There’s a lot I could say about this amazing dancer, but she says it so much better herself.  In this video she talks about the challenges of being a black dancer during the time of segregation, and of being able to travel the world but being forbidden from swimming in a Vegas swimming pool.

Norma is truly a living legacy, an inspiration and a phenomenal dancer – so athletic and energetic, and when you see her dance you can see that she just loves what she does.