ATOMIC Cherry Bombs Pinup: November

Ms. Gingerlu: Cherry Bomb and November Pinup

Sporting the latest in military uniforms, the November ATOMIC Cherry Bomb Pin Up, PFC Gingerlu is nothing but first class. Serving as both a PFC and acting director of clandestine services for MI:6, this pinup girl is one of the busiest Cherry Bombs around. I have been fortunate enough to experience this First Class Pinup in person, and let me tell you, the grace she exudes is nothing but overwhelming.

When asked where the monumental amount of grace comes from, she directed me to aisle 6 in your local CVS Pharmacy. “Look for a green bottle called 5 Hour Monumental Grace Drink. I love it! It comes in Original (which tastes like socks), Pina Colada (for that Mexican Getaway taste), and of course Mixed Berry (I have no idea what kind of berries taste like that, I would call it Mixed Yeti Fur).”

Fresh off of a tour in North East Saskatchewan, our November Pinup Girl came ready for some serious catwalk action. She is staring in the latest Off-Off-Off-Off-Broadway production of Hair, with a twist.  Ms. Gingerlu secured the leading role in this fabulous production after an amazing re-enactment of an entire Law & Order episode, where she played ALL ROLES!

If you are lucky enough to be out at ATOMIC, dancing or just hanging out, and see this Pinup Beauty, stop drop and roll — because she is hot hot hot!

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