July Pin Up: Ms. Kay Bonita

ATOMIC Ballroom and the Atomic Cherry Bombs are delighted to release the July pinup: Ms. Kay Bonita.

A dreamy starlight, Ms. Kay Bonita enjoys imitating Kim Kardashian, smiling, and trying on all of her pants. Once Princess of Sealand, Ms. Bonita is now found on top of mountains not ‘getting things done’.  However, before she relinquished her crown, our July Pin up, Ms. Bonita, was a key ingredient to the initial challenge to Sealand’s sovereignty, defending off several waves of incoming pirates with a sharp fist and her otherworldly good looks.

When she is not found at Mammoth Mountain, you can find Ms. Bonita strutting her stuff, pin up clothing in hand, at ATOMIC every Friday night. So if you are out for an evening of dancing and delight, and happen to catch a glimpse of our July pin up girl, say hi, ask her to dance, she wont bite…hard.

Feel free to download and share our July Pinup Poster.


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