7 Lindy Hop Songs for the New Year

//7 Lindy Hop Songs for the New Year
Benny Goodman and His Orchestra

Benny Goodman and His Orchestra

Now to some of you more “seasoned” dancers out there, this list might sound a little outdated. Even I could agree to that, however, I am finding that more and more people haven’t heard some of the classic songs that were apart of the swing resurgence some 14 years ago. No, I’m not talking neo-swing, I’m talking classic big band swing. So I have put together a list of songs that I think you should either hear for the first time, or sit down and get reacquainted with. In no particular order:

Shufflin and Rollin – Buddy Johnson

[audio:Shufflin%20And%20Rollin%20-%20Buddy%20Johnson%20-%20Carioca.mp3|artists=Buddy Johnson|titles=Shufflin and Rollin]

Christopher Columbus – Andy Kirk

[audio:Christopher%20Columbus%20-%20Andy%20Kirk.mp3|artists=Andy Kirk|titles=Christopher Columbus]

Savoy – Lucky Millinder

[audio:Savoy%20-%20Lucky%20Millinder%20-%20Anthology%20Of%20Big%20Band%20Swing%201930%20-%201955.mp3|artists=Lucky Millinder|titles=Savoy]

Vine Street Rumble – Count Basie

[audio:Vine%20Street%20Rumble%20-%20Count%20Basie%20-%20Baby%20Workout.MP3|artists=Count Basie|titles=Vine Street Rumble]

Roll ‘Em – Benny Goodman

[audio:Roll%20Em%20-%20Benny%20Goodman%20-%20Rockin%20In%20Rhythm.mp3|artists=Benny Goodman|titles=Roll Em]

Cement Mixer – Jimmie Lunceford
[audio:Cement%20Mixer%20-%20Jimmie%20Lunceford%20-%20Jumpin%20With%20The%20Big%20Swing%20Bands|artists=Jimmie Lunceford|titles=Cement Mixer]

For Dancers Only – Duke Ellington

[audio:For%20Dancers%20Only%20-%20Duke%20Ellington%20-%20Makin%20Whooppee.MP3|artists=Duke Ellington|titles=For Dancers Only]

What are some of your favorite songs for the new year?

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