Benny Goodman and His Orchestra

Benny Goodman and His Orchestra

Now to some of you more “seasoned” dancers out there, this list might sound a little outdated. Even I could agree to that, however, I am finding that more and more people haven’t heard some of the classic songs that were apart of the swing resurgence some 14 years ago. No, I’m not talking neo-swing, I’m talking classic big band swing. So I have put together a list of songs that I think you should either hear for the first time, or sit down and get reacquainted with. In no particular order:

Shufflin and Rollin – Buddy Johnson

[audio:Shufflin%20And%20Rollin%20-%20Buddy%20Johnson%20-%20Carioca.mp3|artists=Buddy Johnson|titles=Shufflin and Rollin]

Christopher Columbus – Andy Kirk

[audio:Christopher%20Columbus%20-%20Andy%20Kirk.mp3|artists=Andy Kirk|titles=Christopher Columbus]

Savoy – Lucky Millinder

[audio:Savoy%20-%20Lucky%20Millinder%20-%20Anthology%20Of%20Big%20Band%20Swing%201930%20-%201955.mp3|artists=Lucky Millinder|titles=Savoy]

Vine Street Rumble – Count Basie

[audio:Vine%20Street%20Rumble%20-%20Count%20Basie%20-%20Baby%20Workout.MP3|artists=Count Basie|titles=Vine Street Rumble]

Roll ‘Em – Benny Goodman

[audio:Roll%20Em%20-%20Benny%20Goodman%20-%20Rockin%20In%20Rhythm.mp3|artists=Benny Goodman|titles=Roll Em]

Cement Mixer – Jimmie Lunceford
[audio:Cement%20Mixer%20-%20Jimmie%20Lunceford%20-%20Jumpin%20With%20The%20Big%20Swing%20Bands|artists=Jimmie Lunceford|titles=Cement Mixer]

For Dancers Only – Duke Ellington

[audio:For%20Dancers%20Only%20-%20Duke%20Ellington%20-%20Makin%20Whooppee.MP3|artists=Duke Ellington|titles=For Dancers Only]

What are some of your favorite songs for the new year?