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Doreen is so cool. Monday nights are the best kept secrets. I'm telling more friends. We get personal help from Doreen. Love her!

How to get started dancing at ATOMIC Ballroom

It's easy to learn to dance, but it takes time to get good. Here is how you get started and also some tips on how to get good ASAP.

  1. Call us at our Irvine, CA location: 949.250.3332. You can also AIM chat with us: atomicballroom between 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM or email anytime.
  2. We will help you choose a group class or private teacher to start with.
  3. Print the directions from this page. GPS and google maps etc will take you just off course because we are in a huge complex.
  4. Show up 10 minutes early so that you can check in and take a tour.
  5. Take your 1st dance class! Whoo hoo!
  6. Look at the calendar and take more classes. Try as many dance styles as you can so that you can find the dances you like best

Some hints

ATOMIC Ballroom Irvine, CA 949-250-3332 or email at
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