Mikey Pedroza, ATOMIC Ballroom Instructor
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Mikey Pedroza
Mikey Pedroza
Staff Instructor

Now available for private lessons!
Mikey is the current World Swing Dance Champion for Lindy Hop. Coming out of the mean, but clean, streets of the Orange County, CA, Mikey Pedroza has competed, performed and taught all over the country for the past 10 years. Earning national acclaim for his fun and playful style of Lindy Hop & Classic Jazz Dance. But also for always dancing with his full heart, soul & energy, always at 150%, to every song on the dance floor. He brings a fantastic energy to his classes while focusing on the classic jazz dancing look matched with a great technical feel.

His teaching focuses on lead and follow techniques in every sense of those words. With focal points on connection, body leading, movement, and frame. Now he would like to share his unique yet classic style with you. And hopes that you will be able to feel for this American art form as much as he does.

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