Miguel Cardoso, ATOMIC Ballroom Instructor
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Miguel Cardoso
Miguel Cardoso
Staff Instructor

Miguel Cardoso is first generation born in the United States from Mexican parents. Miguel was first introduced to tango as a young child when his grandmother used to sing and play tangos while she cooked. This familiarity with the music would later play an important role in his dancing.

In early 2002, while listening to tangos with a friend (and tango dancer), she suggested to him that since he loved the music so much that he should try to learn to dance tango. From that suggestion he began taking classes and immediately he fell in love with the sensuality and closeness of the dance. Soon after, two things became a focus to his dancing, smoothness and musicality. 

Miguel concentrates on dancing with close attention to interpreting and listening to the music while placing focus on his partner and her comfort. This is revolves from a strong emphasis on the embrace. Miguel Cardoso has been influenced and instructed by many great dancers such as Hugo Patyn and Miriam Larici, Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa, Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne as well as Orlando Paiva Jr.

Miguel has been teaching with Claudia Cortes since 2005 and together they have worked over the years in creating a social dance that has connection through the embrace, is free of any rough movements and of course, expresses the music. Every year they work together on improving their tango philosophy by traveling outside the Los Angeles area to the many Tango Festivals throughout the world. This dance philosophy on movement and musicalty is what they bring to their students in all their classes. Currently they teach in the Los Angeles, Orange County and Palm Springs area.

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