Dance Fun for Fitness GIF’s

//Dance Fun for Fitness GIF’s

With the warm glow of spring more people start going back to outdoor physical activities such as hiking and working out. What better way to make things interesting than to add a little music and dance.

Check out these popular GIF’s showing people having a blast in all of their dance fitness glory.


Strike a pose and vogue!

Nothing could make a workout fly by like doing such fun, freeing dance moves at the same time


Shaq shimmies with cat!

Even NBA basketball legend Shaquille O’Neil isn’t afraid to let go and have a shimmy show down with this cat!


1980’s aerobics kings

Ah the 80’s. That fashion, that hair and those cheesy signature dance moves!


Treadmill two-stepping

It’s hard enough for some people to just stay balanced while walking on a treadmill, yet this guy manages to do an entire dance routine, defying gravity with elaborate spins and all.



Dance master of the stair master

Sometimes you feel like you want to just bang your head when you have to do some cardio you’re not looking forward to… or to good music. Well with these wild dance moves, you could kill two birds with one stone.


Whip yourself into shape

Make you think of that song “Whip It” by Devo does this? This guy works the elliptical machine with dramatic flair while giving new meaning to the phrase whip it good!


What are some of your favorite dance and work out moves?

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