Salsa/Bachata Practice

New to Salsa or Bachata, or to dancing in general, and want to practice what they've learned in the classes. Our Friday night Practica is the place for you! This Practica is welcoming for beginners and everyone attending is eager to work on their moves and get better, so don't hesitate to strike up a conversation and ask someone for a dance!

The instructors will pop in intermittently, but this social is student-led, making it the perfect low-pressure environment to ask questions and try new things. You can also sneak a peek of some of our other popular dance styles in different rooms on the same night. It's all included with the price of admission! No partner needed, and no experience required!

7:00pm Beginning Bachata
7:00pm Intermediate Salsa

7:45pm Beginning Salsa
7:45pm Intermediate Bachata

8:30pm Salsa & Bachata Practica*
$18 per group class (or use your punch card)
$10 for the dance only
*For changes to the schedule: please visit our website: