Whether you’re headed down to San Diego for Balboa Rendezvous this weekend or not, it’s never too late to embolden your dancing with Balboa. Last week we offered up some reasons why people ‘fall in love’ with this dance. This week we’d like to show you some of the modern and vintage Balboa videos we watch for inspiration.

For those of you new to Balboa, I hope you are thrilled by the blur of feet and individuality of each persons style. And for those who may already be Balboa obsessed, we hope you find some new inspiration from these familiar scenes.

8 Inspiring Balboa Dance Clips

Dancing in Los Angeles 1936

This clip has some interesting things going on…Jig Trot perhaps, charleston-y moves, and some balboa-like dancing as well.

Vince Beach Clips

This clip has some extended footage of the dancers from several angles you may have never seen before.

The Miracle of Morgan Creek/Waist Down Clips

When it comes to Balboa, being able to see a dancers feet is key.  Footwork, timing, and knee actions make up much of this dance (with the upper body generally ‘quiet’ and following the lower body’s movement).  This is the best clips for analyzing how our ‘old timers’ danced in the prime since we can clearly see their feet!!  For more about the discovery of this clip, visit Swungover.

Bobby McGee’s 1982

This clip of ‘old timers’ dancing at Bobby McGee’s has a little of everything:  jig trot, balboa and swing.  But what I love most (besides the masterful ability to move fast and naturally) is the different ways each dancer or partnership styles.

Marty & Mia Sweden Balboa Weekend 2006

Smooth Smooth Smooth.  Modern balboa dancers have a number of techniques and dance abilities to draw from…these two seem to glide about the floor all while exhibiting fancy, musical balboa footwork.  Mia’s footwork is particularly inspired.

Mickey & Kelly ABW 2008

Mikey and Kelly are athletes when it comes to dancing.  Not only can they do classic and refined, but they love to inject their balboa with lifts, slides and aerials.  They have their own style and aren’t afraid to think outside the box.

Bobby & Kate Lindy Focus 2011

Bobby and Kate are the embodiment of elegant lines and playful musicality.  Kate makes it all look too easy and Bobby shows us how personal style and longs legs can work to your advantage.  Check out Bobby’s crossover-slide at 1:20!

Nick & Nelle Lindy Focus 2011

Balboa can be fun too!  There are a number of masterful things happening in this clip – Nick’s musical punctuation and Nelle’s answer for every step he takes is just the tip of the iceberg.  This clip inspires me to get up and dance everytime I see it!

Take Inspiration & Make it Your Own

Balboa comes in many different shapes and styles. So while you’re out on the dance floor doing your shuffles, toss-outs and come-arounds, don’t forget to throw in some of your own personal flare. Make your steps your own and you too will inspire fellow dancers.