Lights, Camera, Action!

Atomic Video Showcase – Click HERE to Sign Up

Location: ATOMIC Ballroom or Offsite locations
Payments Due & Filming Begins December 1st,2020

Share your passion for dancing with your friends and family all over the world by performing in a video showcase with ATOMIC Ballroom.

“Lights, Camera, ACTION”
Video Showcase
by ATOMIC Ballroom Students and Teachers

Collaborate with ATOMIC Ballroom to create a sharable video project to display YOUR love of dancing. Use the power of video editing to showcase yourself in the best light possible by filming from multiple angles, using clever costuming, and dancing in interesting locations. If you can dream it, it’s time to make it.

Normally the ATOMIC Ballroom Student Showcase is the highlight event of the year at the studio. This year we are making the best of our social distancing situation by replacing our Showcase, normally with hundreds of audience members, with a Video Showcase that you can share with thousands. Make a statement. Make a permanent timepiece to mark your place in history during this unique situation.

You have options! You can dance solo, with a partner, with your dance teacher, or in a group routine with your dance bubble.

Inspired? Let’s schedule training during private dance lessons with your ATOMIC Ballroom choreographer/teacher.

Email to get the conversation started.


We created 3 price tiers to account for the costs. These packages do not include private lessons used to prepare for the video showcase. All packages include editing, lighting, filming, production team, USB copy, & posting to social media. If you have already paid your showcase deposit we will credit towards these packages. Filming will begin on December 5th.