ATOMIC Ballroom’s mission is to create a dance community of all ages in Orange County by providing affordable, high-quality social dance instruction and events, where people will feel welcome and safe to learn the skill of dancing and to socialize with others who also value that skill.

Furthermore, ATOMIC is based on the belief that partner dancing is a necessary social skill, like being able to carry on a conversation or having good manners. It helps one to be at ease in social situations, to reach out to other people in a kind and respectful way, and to share their enjoyment of life and its opportunities. There need be no impassible lines between dances or styles of dance; the more one knows, the better. Dancing well is one of the supreme joys of life, and the more people we can get dancing, the happier we and they will be. We strive to promote unity through dancing and encourage working with other businesses, instructors, and studios, demonstrating that there is room for all. We encourage our students to try new things, to use their dancing socially as often as possible, and to meet new friends who share in their passion for dance.