Solo Dancing Program

Solo Dancing includes styles like Tap, Kpop, Belly Dancing, Line Dancing, Gogo, and Hip Hop, but there are also solo variants of some partner dances, like Solo Charleston, Salsa Shines, and Shim Sham. All of them can be used to spice up your social dancing!

Tuesday • 60’s Gogo Dancing
with Elizabeth Parker
Location: Outside Atomic Ballroom

  • 7pm • 60’s GOGO DANCING (All Levels)

We’re back at Atomic! Have a groovy good time dancing to the sweet songs of the 60s. Get ready to move and groove while learning some classic Gogo moves. This class will be outside Atomic in the parking lot. No partnered required!

Thursday • Line Dancing
with Jonno Liberman
Location: Atomic Ballroom

  • 7pm • Beginner/Easy Intermediate Line Dancing
  • 8pm • Advanced Line Dancing
  • 9pm • Open Line Dancing for Int/Adv (Not a class)

Thursday nights bring you our Social Line Dancing classes! Not every Line Dance is country-based. There are tons of line dances that are created to your favorite songs and using your favorite dance styles. Stick around after classes to practice what you’ve learned or just to refresh what you already know! No partner needed, and no experience required!

Saturday • Kpop Choreo
with Andy Shih
Location: Atomic Ballroom

  • 4pm • KPOP Choreo (All Levels)

Come learn about KPop, which is short for Korean pop music, is a music genre from Korea that’s known for its infectious, catchy beats and tunes. K-pop can be super cute or edgy, it can also be grounded in hip hop sounds and elements. K-Pop is essentially hip hop dance that’s choreographed to K-Pop music, which has a faster tempo than most old-school lyrical hip hop songs.

Solo Dancing Events and Classes

Pre-Registration is required.
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Covid-19 Precautions:
In order to maintain social distancing and provide a safe atmosphere for you to dance, there is a limited number of slots available in each class. Each slot can fit either 1 or 2 students. If you and your partner wish to reserve a slot, one of you must sign up for this class title and the other must sign up in the Partner Registration class of the same time slot. There will be no rotating of partners during classes. Both staff and students will wear masks while in the studio at all times. All students should enter at the front of the studio before class, and then exit out the back of the studio after class. We will have a 15 minute transition period between classes. The doors will be open. Fans will be on. Hand sanitizer will be readily available.