Project Description

West Coast Swing Mondays
New Schedule!

with Samantha or Matt
Starting at 7:00 pm, Monday, June 6th, 2022

West Coast Swing is an evolving social dance enjoyed all over the world. Dance to the latest hits as well as Rhythm and Blues. These evenings are designed to give you a clear path to follow on your way to your dance goals. The level 1 classes are for beginners with a variety of topics to get you started. The level 2 classes will take your basics to the next level. Level 3 is our newest addition to the line up. This Level 3 will be an audition-only class. If you would like to audition you must attend the Level 2 class at 7:45 and let either Matt or Samantha know you are auditioning at the beginning of class. (June 6th ONLY: First Audition will be held in the 8:30 Level 3 Class)

No partner is needed!

New Class Schedule

  • 7:00 pm  West Coast Swing 1
  • 7:45 pm  West Coast Swing 2
  • 8:30 pm  WCS Guided Practice
  • 8:30 pm  West Coast Swing 3 (Audition Only)