Project Description

New Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz, & Balboa Series
with Nick Williams

Location: ATOMIC Ballroom
Every Tuesday starting August 3rd
6:15 pm, 7:00 pm, & 7:45 pm

Nick Williams is one of the most accomplished swing dancers of our era. His desire for authenticity, combined with his passion for dance evolution, leads to a style known for precision, lightness, musicality, and dynamic energy. We are so happy to have him join our Atomic family!

These classes are series classes with prerequisites and will run for 4 weeks. Prerequisites are listed below and on the details of each class. Proof of vaccination against COVID-19 will be required to attend this group class when it appears on Tuesdays. Please bring proof of vaccination on your next visit and we will make a note on your account.

Class Schedule

  • 6:15 pm • Lindy Hop 3 (series) – Must be comfortable mixing 6 & 8 count patterns with ease. Have experience with improvisation and musicality and be able to dance at various tempos.
  • 7:00 pm • Line Dances (series) – This class will be a monthly rotating class based on classic line dances that are popular among many Swing Dancers!
  • 7:45 pm • Balboa 3 (series) – Must be comfortable with basics, as libs, lollies, out & ins and throwouts. Be comfortable dancing socially to various tempos and have experience with improvisation/musicality.