Get Your Thrills at ATOMIC this Halloween!‏

//Get Your Thrills at ATOMIC this Halloween!‏

It’s that time of year again when parents dress their kids in their favorite costumes and hit the pavement door to door trick or treating. While most children eagerly anticipate this day of fearsome fun and fantasy, many parents on the other hand, feel a little anxious walking the streets at night with their little ones, and also sometimes worry about the safety of the candy that their children will receive. Whether or not you already have plans to go out trick or treating, one stop that you can’t pass up is by ATOMIC to join in on the Halloween fun.

Beginning on Saturday, October 25th, ATOMIC will have a nightly Halloween bash with a different theme. In addition to the fantastic music and regularly themed social dance for the evening, there will also be costume contests every night, with prizes being awarded for best costume, most original and best group ensemble. When you take a group glass on specified nights, you get free entry to the social dance later that night!

Check Out This Jam Packed Halloween Week Schedule :

Saturday 10/25 : Kick off the week Dancing with the Ghouls at this elegant Ballroom dance social
Sunday 10/26 : The Tango Invasion Masquerade adds style & sophistication to any Halloween Ball!
Tuesday 10/28 : What do you get when you combine A Swingin’ Sock Hop with Rockin’ Ballroom and Balboa dance on the same night just days before Halloween? You get a Swing Spooktacular!
Wednesday 10/29 : The Salsalloween Halloween Bash will knock your socks off with special performances, live band and Tango practica in studio B!
Thursday 10/30 : We’re Swingin’ the Boo tonight with West Coast Swing and Country practice
Friday 10/31 : Closing the wicked week with Night of the Living Lindy Hop in the main room, Tango practica in Studio B and Blues dancing upstairs!

There will even be performances of Michael Jackson’s iconic Thriller dance on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday night! If you’d rather join in on the zombie-fest rather than just watch, you can still sign up for the special Thriller dance classes taught each Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday in October. There are accelerated classes as well as slower paced classes that are split into two parts. Either way you’ll get to brush up on those legendary steps and have a blast while doing it!

As such a family friendly place, ATOMIC is home to some stellar dancing kids. Some of whom will be performing throughout the week. So it should be no surprise that there will be plenty of sweet treats on hand. Then again, savory snacks are always available in the ballroom, so by this account you could say that it’s always like Halloween at ATOMIC! In addition to the edible treats, there will also be a feast of visual treats to behold with all of the fun costumes and performances. If u don’t have a costume, you can still come of course, but if past years are any indication, then you can expect to be surrounded by fun, creative costumes and patrons.

Where else can you comfortably and conveniently get candy for the kids that’s guaranteed to be safe, along with great dancing and live entertainment for yourself, with six nights of dress up fun and FREE parking? That’s a tough one to beat! So you won’t want to miss out on all the thrills, chills and great deals at the coolest Halloween bash around!

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