When you want Valentine’s day romance, think ballroom dance lessons!

//When you want Valentine’s day romance, think ballroom dance lessons!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and most of us are racking our brains to try and put together a date that will stand out in our lover’s mind and be tons of fun.

Use the “dating show” formula to make things fun and exciting.

If you have ever seen a dating show you know that the contestants are always sent on a fun activity first (something like cooking classes, wine tastings, carnival games etc.), then they have dinner, followed by drinks and possibly dancing or in some cases even a hot tub.

This formula is a good guideline for successful dating, especially if you use a dance lesson as the fun activity.

Dancing involves music, exercise, learning and touching which can give you insights on your date’s personality and create a comfortable bonding atmosphere.

The lady enjoys being swept away while the man enjoys getting close and cozy. Plus if dancing turns out to be something the both of you enjoy that means repeat dates and a lot more fun to come.

The right way to set up a dance date.

First: You need to set up the dance lesson.

Private Lessons are usually better because there‘s less pressure and more time for the two of you to have fun and get to know each other. Group classes are also great if you prefer a more social atmosphere.

Second: Get the dinner reservation.

Dancing is a highly active date; know that you will build up an appetite. Be sure to make the reservations for after the dance lesson, if you eat before the lesson you may feel sluggish or even cramp up.

Third: Dress to impress and get ready to have fun dancing.

Dancing was created to have fun so try not to worry whether you’re messing up or not. Everyone learns at a different pace, your instructors are trained to work at your level while keeping things exciting!

In honor of Valentine’s Day and to make your date extra special this year Atomic Ballroom is offering New student couples a chance to take one ½ hour private lesson, 1 group class (each), and access to one of our exciting parties (each) for only $40!

Plus, all students are welcome to get a virtual punch card with ten group classes for only & $90 just by mentioning this blog. That’s a savings of $60. Just remember February is a short month so take advantage of these offers soon.  Call today to set an appointment, (949) 250-3332.

We’d love to hear from all of you out there in the blogosphere. If you have any good dance date ideas please share them with us on our comments page.

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