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Are Private Lessons right for you?

If you answer yes to ANY of the following questions simply give us a call at 949-250-3332 to book a lesson and take a tour of our ballroom! You can also come join our super popular group classes and evening dances!

Private Lessons At ATOMIC!

  • Are you nervous about dancing in front of other people?
  • Are you concerned you will not keep up in a group class?
  • Do you want to accelerate your learning beyond the speed of a group class?
  • Do you want to skip dancing with other students and dance with a professional?
  • Are you getting married or preparing for a dance function?
  • Do you want to compete at dance competitions?
  • Do you want to perform routines like on the TV show Dancing with the Stars?
  • Do you have special needs?
  • Do you like personal attention?

Ask us questions and schedule your lesson by calling 949-250-3332, or emailing We are open 12pm to Midnight every day.

How it works:

Your 1st lesson will be a 30 minute Sample Private Lesson for just $25 per person.

During your sample private lesson your teacher will give you a tour of the dances you are interested in and recommend a package based on your ability and interests.

Package prices vary depending on your dance goals & couples can share the cost of lesson packages. We have a book full of the many possiblities at the front desk.

Request Info on Private Lessons

What day works best?

What time works best?