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Atomic is like a "home away from home".

PERKVILLE is a fantastic and easy way to earn points towards great classes and MORE at your favorite Ballroom.

It's this simple: The next time you take a group class or sign in for an evening dance, Perkville will send you an email to help you connect the dots about what's going on.

How it works:

1. Register with Perkville

After you sign in for a group class or dance at ATOMIC, check your email for a message from Perkville and sign up or go directly to and register with the same email we have on file for you.


2. Earn points by

Point values are subject to adjustment.

3. Redeem Rewards!

Free group class: 200 Points
Free Private Lesson: 1500 Points

Visit to redeem your rewards online! Perkville can add lessons to your ATOMIC Ballroom account.

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